A guide for dummies:

  • Think about the world around you,  and do only that
  • Switch off all electronics
  • Find a nice place where you can think and breathe on your own
  • Get a drink, hot or cold, just some fuel for your brain
  • Dig up an old notebook, vintage, or even brand new, to jot down in
  • Read an old, wrinkled book, the ones they describe as classic; i.e. Emma
  • Stop listening to my pointers

This is how I disconnect from the world.I know people who disconnect by talking to people. In psychology, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for the different ways that people disconnect.Why I might disconnect differently from you.  Not too long ago, the words: ‘extrovert’, ‘, and ‘introvert’ became very popular in our day to day society, and everyone quickly found their place in one of these categories. I, on the other hand, took a very, very long time, to figure out where I belonged in these so-called placements.

I knew lots of extroverts, people who were more comfortable in social situations than any others, always had things to talk about and never seemed to run out, were fantastic with meeting new people. I was not really one of those people.

I had interacted with enough introverts, people who would politely excuse themselves from a conversation they didn’t find stimulating, people who you would often find in the bathrooms at parties, reading on their phone, and people who would opt out of most social situations. I was not really one of those people.

When I discovered the ‘extroverted introvert’, or the ‘ambivert’, I discovered I fit perfectly. BUT NO! How could this happen? I couldn’t be stuck in the middle of both categories! I treated it like a curse. But I learnt to accept the good traits: Ambiverts were assertive, open to new people even though we approached them cautiously, and could still find peace alone.

I, being the extreme nerd I am, felt the need to find out everything about this topic. I stumbled on social media platforms where I could converse with people like me, took quizzes, studied polls and even read Quiet by Susan Cain.

It was the most scintillating experience, learning how people connect. But also disconnect. We all need it. And now I can tell you how I do it.


This was written in response to the daily post.